Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Pioneer Woman Loaded Potato Soup-Just the comfort food one needs on a rainy day. I would say its probably not the most healthy soup ever, but I made it from scratch and know every ingredient in it, which I can't exactly say for the canned varieties. (A half cup of heavy cream in the whole pot? Negligible ;)) so yummy!


I decided I might as well jump on the Seahawks bandwagon and show my support for our new hometeam a bit. Plus, I got to use a new nail polish (that comes from a Seattle company), so its a win win. (Polish: Julep Eloise and Cindy)


Apparently getting a bath and haircut is absolutely EXHAUSTING

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Snoqualmie Falls


It was a snack on veggies kind of evening. (Horrid picture, but the only one I took this day)


Apparently all the creatures with Y chromosomes in my household enjoy playing Empire Earth.....


Somebody was EXHAUSTED.


My littlest brother and Winston had a good snuggle.

Wop wop wop......

That my friends is the sound of a camera memory card crashing.  I had a few days of photos for this project (and all the Christmas family pictures) on my card and while I was in the process of transferring them to my CRASHED. And by crashed, I mean hard. I can't pull any of my pictures off of it. So while my memory card is either being recoved by myself or professionals (yes I want those darn pictures!), Project365 by Android phone is how it is going to be. Thank goodness I take a ridiculous amount of pictures on my phone.